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Real-time PCR & DNA microarray integrated



GennoCAP Technology integrates two methodologies, chain reaction (PCR) and DNA Chip microarray, in a single platform. Requirements to use this platform, conventional or real-time thermal cycler and a device (array scanner) designed for K-MAC consisting of a microarray reader. GennoCAP is basically a cover for 0.2 ml PCR tubes with a cylinder attached to it. On the tiny end surface of the cylinder there is a microarray where the probes are immobilized to allow hybridization of the oligonucleotides resulting from the PCR.

The genetic testing process should be rapid and cost­effective to encourage the correct medication. Therefore, the complexity of DNA microarray process has been solved by creating a single process via integration of the PCR and hybridization, GennoCAP.


GennoCAP has been designed for biomedical applications. Molecular Diagnostic of Infectious diseases (bacterial or virus), genetic polymorphism, … related to treatment response.

Gennova Scientific is a leader Spanish company focused on in vitro Diagnostics and highly qualified in the antibodies and probes manufacturing. Established in 2009 in Seville, we have advanced facilities to develop the current molecular diagnostics systems by new platforms, keeping the highest quality standards.

Our main objective is to become the Spanish market leader for IVD, and to cover Spanish necessity in the area of Molecular Diagnostics in Europe and Latin America market. We´re focused on the enhancement, automation, design and commercialization of new diagnostic platforms for in vitro diagnostics.

Gennova has developed diagnostic tests for human papilloma virus related to cervical cancer and diagnostic/treatment assay for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. This platform can be used for many different applications: herpes virus detection, different types of respiratory virus, enterovirus and other viral infectious diseases. It can be also applied to detection of gene regions associated to cancer mutations (colorectal cancer).

Gennova offers the service for custom probes immobilization on GennoCAP platform, in order to achieve a new diagnostic test improved by novel customer biomarkers.