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Protein MicroArray

Gennova- PictArray

Simple and cost-effective multiplex immunodiagnostics


Eight tests can be simultaneously performed with a single drop of blood. A low-cost reader and data analysis software have been specially developed to obtain test results.


Gennova-PictArrays can readily integrate into existing diagnostic testing infrastructure ranging in sophistication from small, rural healthcare centers performing manual tests to large, highly automated reference laboratories processing several hundred samples each day. The low entry costs and easy implementation with minimum technical training make diagnostic tests accessible to a wide global market.






Gennova provides a complete package for immunodiagnostic testing


Gennova-PictImager microarray reader Ref. AK10000


Gennova-PictArray Starter Kit Ref. AK11000

-Calibration Slide

-Pictorial Image Analysis Software


Gennova-PictArray multiplex ELISA Kits:

-Extractable Nuclear Antigen ELISA Kit Ref. AK11001

-Rheumatoid Arthritis ELISA Kit (coming soon)

-ToRCH ELISA Kit (in development)

-Hepatitis ELISA Kit (in development)



Gennova- PictImager

The most affordable microarray slide reader on the market



-Robust and easy-to-use


-Fast image acquisition


-No external power needed


-Powered through a standard computer USB port


-Small footprint designed to easily fit on top of a desk


-Fully integrated with Gennova-Pictorial Data Analysis Software 



Gennova-Pictorial Data Analysis Software

-Windows-based graphic interface is easy to use

-Rapid data analysis-two minutes from image capture to complete  reports

-Proprietary algorithms translate signal intensity to quantitative results

-Results can be easily integrated into existing laboratory data base


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-Reduced set-up and operational costs with easy integration into existing laboratories

-Reduced labor and turn-around time for specialized testing

-Sensitivity matching that obtained for conventional ELISA

-Easy test protocol with no need for special technical training

-Low cost device to read test results

-Confidence in results through built-in positive and negative controls for each sample

-Flexible format permits development of customized test panels rapidly  and affordably


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8 parallel test per sample in each well based

on ELISA format


Specially designed 16-well slide with one

patient simple per well


Specific binding of patient autoantibodies to printed

antigens result in color