Quality policy

The Management of GENNOVA SCIENTIFIC, S.L., an organization that manufactures and markets medical products for in vitro diagnosis and products for research use, has defined its Quality Policy based on two basic pillars:

  1. Continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality system.
  1. Achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

This will be obtained through the constant improvement of quality in our services. For this, we commit to:

  • Comply with the requirements specified by our customers and, in particular, with current legislation and regulations.
  • Detect and correct our mistakes, avoiding their appearance, to obtain a level of excellence in our work.
  • Report the problems we detect, suggesting and applying improvements.
  • Apply evaluation mechanisms that guide successive corrections and innovations.
  • Ensure the constant sanitation of the administrative-financial system of our company.
  • Implement technical and human resources to improve the technical, safety and environmental conditions of our jobs
  • Our Quality Policy serves as a frame of reference for setting quality objectives


This Policy is reviewed annually to adapt it to the business and/or organizational needs.


Angel Gómez López

CEO of Gennova Scientific, S.L.

Quality Policy: Revision 05_Emission 11-2018